Ever Wondered Why Total Jerks End Up With Stunning Girls?

Come on, I have done it, you have done it. You see this total jerk with this stunner and you can't help but thinking: what is it that he has got that I haven't? You think for a moment: well, he is just lucky to hook a bimbo like that. But then a few days later you see another jerk with another gorgeous girl. And in the club this greaseball is relentlessly pursuing this chick and you wonder why she hasn't slapped him yet. In fact, you can't believe your eyes when you see her cornered with this ugly guy, and him with his hands all over her  

You are forgiven for wondering whether he has something that you haven't. You are forgiven for wondering whether you are missing something here. You are forgiven for wondering whether this guy has some magical spell over women. Because he has !

There are the typical Alpha males and there are the typical Betas. And you are probably neither of them. But there is another type: The Jerk.

And this Jerk type possesses qualities that others dont have. It is persistence and an absolute belief in himself. A belief that completely outweighs his inadequacies. He might be ugly, he might be skinny or fat, he might be poor, he might not be the most intelligent. But there is one thing that he has and that is CONFIDENCE.

You see, he doesn't feel limited by his looks or whatever. And the girl that he is after, senses that. She instinctively feels that this guy knows what he wants: her. And that is what a girl wants more than anything: WANTED. And she wants you to be not deterred by anything to get her. It makes her feel special. She will throw in a few rejections to see if you buckle. If you do, she'd feel that you are not worthy anyway. But keep going, undeterred and relentlessly, and she will admire you for that.

And she will go home with you at the end of the evening.

I have learnt this and many other strategic pickup techniques over the year and I'll share them with you.

Are you tired of soppy guides on how to date girls? You want to learn techniques to pick up women and take them home with you the same night? Even when you are an average Joe like I used to be?


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